new plays, new takes, new voices


Pavement Group is a Chicago based collaborative of theatre artists who seek emerging voices to produce fresh, unconventional plays that make contact with a new generation.

We commit ourselves to immediate and immersive work and aspire to create experiences that can unlock a conversation between the audience and their humanity.


Founded in 2006, Pavement Group is a company of cross-functional theatre professionals committed to creating work that is thought provoking, not thought providing. Through development, dramaturgy, and the pairing of playwrights and directors, we strive to provide support that enables fresh plays to flourish and make contact on a national level. We announce our work on a per production basis, an effective model that allows us to marshal resources only as we find scripts we truly love that speak directly to our mission.

2008: Pavement Group’s second production Lipstick Traces garnered rave reviews, solidifying PG as a player in Chicago’s storefront community. Mise En Place, our performance and development series initiated that year, has since seen four of eight playwrights receive national productions.

2010: PG's punkplay was widely lauded in Steppenwolf’s inaugural Garage Rep program, and included as one of Time Out Chicago’s top shows of 2010. That year we introduced our wildly popular Black & Blue Ball, and the community-focused Amuse Bouche speed-playwriting festival.

2011: PG's MilkMilkLemonade directed by Cassy Sanders was another critical success, listed in Time Out Chicago's Outstanding Ensembles that year. We also debuted our annual Karaoke Showdown event and welcomed PG’s first Artistic Associates.

2012: In addition to recurring annual programming, PG developed and produced two acclaimed world premieres this year: Bixby Elliot’s Girl You Know It’s True and Mallery Avidon’s breaks & bikes.

2013: We introduced the participation of Steppenwolf’s Young Adult Council in the curation, production, and performance of our 3rd Annual Amuse Bouche. PG was named as a finalist for the 2013 Broadway in Chicago/League of Chicago Theatres Emerging Theatre Award, and for Best Up-and-Coming Theatre Company in Time Out Chicago's Best of 2013. Sigrid Gilmer's Harry & the Thief was listed on several year-end best lists.