new plays, new takes, new voices

Amuse Bouche 2011

Dec. 9, 2011 - Dec. 11, 2011

Friday & Saturday @ 8pm, Sunday @ 3pm

Some plays take years to write.

Some plays are never finished.

Some plays are made in 72 Hours.

Amuse Bouche makes 6 plays over night.


Amuse Bouche 2011 is Pavement Group’s second installment of our quick and dirty new plays festival. Presented and created over one hazy week, it’s a performance pop up presenting some of the most exciting new voices in the American Theatre.

Six playwrights are given 10 ingredients to interpret into text, and 24 hours to shape into a scrappy new short play. A director and a team of actors have another 24 hours to rehearse this play.

Then we perform it – for you.

This year Pavement Group has given the curatorial voice to our audience – who have, via facebook, elected this year’s ingredients.

Just to highlight a few:

There is an imposter
Someone tries to smoke a cigarette and fails
A mythical figure must be utilized
Some of the action takes place out of the view of the audience

In the spirit of immediate performance, Amuse Bouche gives birth to 6 small bites of 6 new plays. This year we are proud to have on board:

Amelia Roper
christopher oscar peña
David Perez*
Joe Waechter
Jordan Seavey
Mallery Avidon**
Alexander Lane**
Carlo Garcia
Cassy Sanders
Kathryn Walsh
Meghan Beals McCarthy
Sarah Gitenstein
Behzad Dabu
Brandon Boler
Brian Stojak
Darci Nalepa
Deanna Myers
Gabe Franken
Jennifer Glasse
Jessica London-Shields
Joe Zarrow
Joel Kim Booster
Leah Karpel
Michael Salinas
Morgan McNaught
Rob Fenton
Sarah Rose Graber
Vallea Woodbury


1579 North Milwaukee Avenue, Suite 336, Chicago, IL 60622