new plays, new takes, new voices

Arrangements - by Ken Weitzman

Nov. 7, 2008 - Nov. 30, 2008

Friday, Saturday @ 7:30p, Sunday @ 2p

When Donna shows up at Ros' flower boutique, the reunion is less then cheerful. After six years of estrangement and some dire circumstance, Donna needs the help of her little sister. She is unemployed, almost homeless, and...morbidly obese. Reluctantly, Ros takes her in, and puts her to work in her new business endeavor - a flower shop teetering on the brink of success.

Robby, the shop's sole employee is stuck. After being expelled from college, he is reliant on the help of his brother David to pay the bills. In exchange for his support, David requires Robby to take "life coaching" lessons with him weekly. When a strange friendship emerges between Donna and Robby, it unearths a tidal wave of dark history in the lives of the two pair of siblings.

EP Theatre

1820 S. Halsted Street